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3 valuable idiots


winter is soo not for ice cream unfortunately.tapi sedap kot wuuu sejukss!


sedang dalam progress ulang-mengulang material Endocrine yg dah ditinggalkan hampir 2 bulan lebih kot.haha.material system ni paling sikit berbanding yang laen.and gap pon hanya 3 hari.dah ko bukan instructor dila,boleh maen suka hati pilih tarikh hahaha.alhamdulilah,masa utk next final GIT pon paling lame setakat ni.amin.

oh ye.tadi gatal tengok 3 idiots.rasa b4 this macam xmenarik.so mmg xbukak langsung file tu sejak bangah uploadkan utk kakak die nih.haha.tibe2 mcm blank dah tadi.then bukak.BEST!


sometimes,i wish i have a friendship bond like that.how much they care for each other,sampai terjun bangunan kot??nganga beso2.tu tang xpenting.how much they care for not only each other,also their family.they did crazy things together.they surprised each other.they believed each other.they watch their back together.diorang naik skuter 3 org together.ops.tu mmg kelakar!

btw,i love the ending places ;)

but they are right.do what you wanna do.don't ever push yourself over something you don't even know.do something that make you happy for the rest of your life.plus.don't let something useless stand your way.never.


bangah,i know you can do this.i will always be there beside you,supporting you as always.seek advice from everyone,from mak,ayah but then,always listen to your heart.be yourself.be happy.
ganbatte!doa banyak2 oke fit..


Arini Nuran  – (January 4, 2011 at 5:17 PM)  

3 idiots sgt best kan dila. jeles tgk diorg pnya frenship bond.. :D

sakuradila  – (January 4, 2011 at 9:44 PM)  

arini > kan kan.jeles sangat.cte tu sangat lawak.then tetibe sangat sayu.hahaha.

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